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Architect Pacific Palisades

Article provided by: Van Parys Architecture + Design

Architect Pacific Palisades

Working with an architect is fluid when the architect can wear many hats at various points of the construction timeline. These professionals have a unique ability to envision the space from different angles to facilitate a construction that gives the space life and functional efficiency.

The chances of your architect engaging in these steps depend on the scope of the project and contract. They may provide an aspect of the package, such as a conceptual drawing or process, to manage the entire construction process. Most people will state that they do not need a licensed architect because of the following reasons:

  • They create their version of the client’s vision.
  • They will force their opinions on the client.
  • The architect is only open to designing an expensive project.
  • They do not stick to the budget.

The process of engaging with the construction firm in Pacific Palisades will often follow these standard steps.

Reasons to hire an architect in the design phase.

The first meeting

The initial consultation is an excellent fit to take the potential client through their goals. It is best to communicate the ideas and ask plenty of questions to verify details such as the architect’s approach to deliverables, fee schedule, and revisions. Assess whether the firm takes heed of your consideration and understands them to deliver a final project.

Design phase

Individual homes show the essence of using natural light in indoor environments because they have an unfavorable light and temperature. All the items that make a great home involve more than acquiring the right materials and a builder.

Excluding the architect from the project will save you from living in a home you do not enjoy. These homes often have ongoing premiums of expenses and are very difficult to maintain. The worst result is that the house is likely to outlive the family and therefore cause problems for the subsequent families.

The beginning of the design phase intends to analyze the site’s existing condition and how the conceptual drawing reflects the client’s dream. The goals of the architect to match the schematic focus and aesthetics of the customer. It is best to present inspiration pictures and concepts to the architect with extreme detail such as color, theme styles, and texture. Our architect firm in Pacific Palisades is different because we deliver a design that adheres to the following conditions:

  • A home with a low-running cost
  • An aesthetic and functional home that will maintain its value for a couple of decades into the future
  • A thermally comfortable home

Steps of designing a home with an architect


Many builders have the motivation to create an affordable and sustainable living environment. The orientation determines the choice of materials, building methods, and process of creating the home in remote locations. An architect will consider the following aspects while orienting the design:

The direction of the sun

  • The basic concept is that the sun rays should not be overwhelming or non-existent in rooms like the living room, the baby’s room, and the garage.
  • The architect may also increase the light in a dim room with voids or skylights.
  • Rooms like the storage and laundry room can function with minimal lighting because they do not have a lot of occupancy during the day.
  • Bedrooms with the best orientation should capture the morning light and maintain a decent and tolerable amount during the day.

Connection and flow

It is possible to have a room that is too big for its purpose. A great design considers flow between rooms and the safety of children and the elderly or sick residents. The flow should also allow an eye into the overall community while maintaining the privacy of the neighbor’s compound.


A big home needs the proper architect to create a space that is flexible and super functional to its residents. The architect firm in Pacific Palisades will not create a spacious and oddly shaped bedroom that does allow economical use of the space.

Building a home involves more than an investment of time and money; you will invest heart and soul into the place you spend most of your days. You deserve to live in a great design that does not require the budget of the latest most expensive trend. Contact us with your idea and let us help you get a home you would only get with the best architectural design.



Architect Pacific Palisades
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Architect Pacific Palisades
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