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Commercial Tiki Huts Lower Keys

Article provided by: Southern Cross Contracting

Commercial Tiki Huts Lower Keys

If your restaurant, hotel or other establishment serves drinks you need to update it by adding a Tiki hut. Commercial Tiki huts in Florida Keys are the best way to create a fun and exciting atmosphere. Tiki huts are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles so there is sure to be one that fits your needs as well as your budget.

Commercial Tiki Huts in Florida Keys

There are many different types of tiki huts and they have a variety of commercial uses. Restaurant tiki bars are certainly one of the first things that come to mind when you think about a tiki hut. These are designed to provide your guests with an interesting tropical setting where they can relax and enjoy exotic drinks.

Tiki huts are ideal when placed in a mini golf course. They are a great way to add more authenticity to your miniature golf course. They look great and have a wonderful appeal. Commercial tiki huts in Florida Keys also make wonderful additions to pool areas and decks.

Adding a tiki hut for refreshing drinks by the pool will increase activity at your hotel and will make it more enticing for guests to stay put and relax poolside. You can easily add a tiki hut that will fit the exact measurements you need. We offer a full variety of tiki huts to fit any space you have available.

Dockside Tiki Huts

If you have a dock you can turn it into a much more pleasant area by adding a tiki hut. The space allows people to get some relief from the sun and heat and allows them to have a more pleasant experience. Dockside tiki huts can be installed as an addition to an existing dock or as part of a new dock installation. You can choose the size and shape that fits the area of the dock where you need it placed.

Our custom commercial tiki huts in Florida Keys are custom built using high quality materials that will stand up to all types of weather conditions. They come complete with authentic thatch roofs that will keep out the sun and rain. The huts are properly secured so you won’t need to be afraid of them being blown down.

We work with you to design a tiki hut to your exact specifications. Then, our experienced installation team will utilize all of the materials necessary to create the perfect tiki hut for your property. We make sure that construction is completed on time and in budget. You will soon e able to start using your new tiki hut.

Southern Cross Contracting is Southwest Florida’s leading tiki builder. We serve the Florida Keys and are available to provide you with the best and highest quality hut possible. Our installations are second to none. In addition to new tiki hut installations we also provide re-thatching services. We’ll repair your existing tiki hut to make it look and function beautifully again. Contact us today to get started with a quote for your commercial tiki hut.



Commercial Tiki Huts Lower Keys