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Concrete Restoration

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Concrete Restoration Concrete restoration is critical to increasing or maintaining the full value of your residential or commercial property. Over time, regular wear and tear as well as the forces of nature break down the surface and interior integrity of all concrete structures and surfaces, leaving cracks, holes, and rough patches. This deterioration lowers the aesthetic quality of the concrete and, depending on the severity of the damage, can make your structure or floor unsafe for use. Surface scouring is one of the most common types of damage reported by concrete owners. This type of deterioration is most noticeable on concrete floors that are polished or colored. The abrupt, patchy removal of the surface layer makes the rough or colorless sub layers of these floors readily apparent to the eye. As a result, though colored concrete flooring is one of the most cost effective types of flooring for use in residential or commercial settings, it also holds the greatest potential for aesthetic depreciation, over time, of all standard concrete structures. This makes restoration for colored concrete extremely important. If your concrete is damaged due to wear and tear or weather, you may at first be inclined to simply remove the damaged portions and pour entirely new concrete, essentially starting from scratch. Rest assured that there is in fact nothing simple about this. The process of removing worn sections of concrete often causes minute and barely perceptible damage to surrounding sections, meaning you will likely find yourself facing even more damage in the months and years to come. In many cases, complete concrete removal and replacement is structurally impossible. This is especially true when repairing a cracked or chipping slab, such as in a garage or warehouse. Except in extreme cases, concrete restoration is always a better option. In these cases, your best option is to resurface the concrete that is already in place. At Restoracrete, we use concrete resurfacing products that effectively cover over surface damage and provide additional strength and aesthetic benefit beyond what traditional concrete flooring provides, at a fraction of the cost of other flooring options. Our materials are environmentally friendly and highly versatile, making them the perfect solution to your damaged or worn concrete. We can replicate any surface appearance and even improve upon the overall look and feel of your floor, making our products ideal for stamped concrete as well. Even if the concrete flooring in your home or place of business was not initially colored, stains and damaged patches may make color restoration a necessity. We specialize in keeping “colorless” concrete surfaces pristine and uniform using restorative techniques that are traditionally applied to colored cement surfaces. Continue exploring our website to learn more about our methods of keeping your concrete in top condition, or give us a call today at 1-866-446-8873 to speak to a representative and get a cost quote.