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Concrete Foundation Problems

If you live in a home where your concrete foundation is starting to sink into the ground or one part of your home is a little higher than the other part, you could have concrete foundation soil erosion problems. Here's the first thing that you're going to need to do and I hope this helps.

Most of the time, concrete foundation soil problems are caused from the soil eroding from underneath the concrete foundation or building pads. Most of the time, the cause of the damage will be from water and you might be able to stop or even slow the erosion process down and prevent further damage to your building foundation.

Now you're probably wondering, where does the water actually come from? How does the water get underneath the foundation of my house? And the most important question, how am I going to fix this or do I even need to worry about it.

Yes you do need to worry about it, yes you should fix it and the water can be coming from multiple sources. Let's start with the first and most common, are you over watering any areas near your home? If you're lawn sprinklers or irrigation systems aren't working properly, leaking excessively or anything else that would allow extra water to accumulate around the base of your building foundation, you could find yourself in a world of hurt.

Make sure that your lawn sprinklers are working properly, aren't leaking anywhere and if possible, try to keep your sprinklers at the least 3 feet away from the home foundation. Water is your building foundation's worst enemy and if you're house is built in poor soil, you could find yourself moving out of your house, eventually.

Foundation Problems due to Drought