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Signs of Foundation Problems

Early identification and repair of foundation problems can save you money by preventing more extensive damage and, in worst case scenarios, building collapse.There are many factors that contribute to foundation failure, some visible and some not. Any foundation inspection should take into consideration movement history, environmental conditions, evidence of cracking and other physical manifestations of problems, as well as soil composition.Here is a checklist for diagnosing foundation problems:

1.Uneven or slopping floors - one of the most common indicators of foundation problems.

2.Wall cracks. When cracks are wider at the top than bottom, it is usually a sign of foundation settlement. Exterior wall cracks that run diagonally along joints can also indicate problems.

3.Wall separation. Walls that are separating from windows, doors, garage doors, floors and ceilings are often evidence of foundation problems.

4.Wall bulging. Any masonry walls that bulge above the ground are dangerous and could result in structural failure.

5.Wall rotation. Settling can cause walls to rotate outward as the structure sinks.

6.Nail Popping: Nails can pop out of sheetrock or gypsum walls when there is a foundation settlement program.

7.Floor and foundation cracks.

8.Doors and windows that dont open properly.

9.Weak Soil. A foundation can sink when it is built on weak soil.

10.Leaning chimneys.

11.Poor Soil Compaction. Many houses are built using fill soils. If the soil isnt properly compacted, it can cause structure settlement.

12.Excessive Soil Moisture. Typically caused by poor drainage and water leaks, moisture can soften soil. Settlement damage occurs when the soil can no longer support the weight of the structure.

13.Soil Consolidation. The weight of a structure can cause additional soil compression and settlement after the house has been built.

Also look out for:

* Poor drainage and leaking roofs causes water puddles to form around the house weakening the soil.
* Large trees and shrubs growing near the structure roots will draw moisture from the soil beneath the foundation.
* Roads, streets and driveways that expand in the heat and push against foundation walls.

Diagnosing foundation problems can require help from an expert to really understand what is causing the situation and how to fix it. If you have any doubts or concerns about your foundation, contact a specialist and ask for an inspection. Any foundation issues should be handled quickly to avoid more severe problems.

When people have their foundation repaired, they often opt to take on other related home repairs at the same time. These services often include such things as earthquake proofing, and the installation of seismic anchor bolts. This will allow you to have all the necessary services done at one time. Many foundation repair companies offer financing to make the repair project easier for the homeowner.

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